Newly Launched Art Studio at the AGBU Demirdjian Center

February 2, 2016

The AGBU Art Studio is not an ordinary child/ren’s drawing class. During the weekly sessions, children will learn the principles and basics of drawing and arts, painting, masks, stained glass, modeling, mosaics, ceramics, fresco, collage, assemblage.

In the preliminary first two years, the mini artists will learn about the characteristics of the world of arts in the 20th and 21st centuries. Introduction to artists and movements will always be linked to practical tasks and projects. Then, students are expected to gain familiarity with the methods of application and elements of arts. After completing the preliminary four years in the AGBU Art Studio, the mini artists will be advised to specialize in their field of preference.

Having a mission statement of “Preparing the next generation of young and talented artists “,earn the AGBU Art Studio welcomes mini artists from the age of  4-12 who learn about the art movements and elements of arts and methods of application. Moreover, the mini artists develop sufficient skill and confidence in the methods and techniques to enable them to utilize the art elements in the creation of more personal works. “The art studio will develop creativity, artistic sensibility, self criticism as well as imagination and self discipline of the participants ” says Art instructorAnnie Manouguian.