Reception in Honor of Lebanon’s Newly Elected MP General Jean Talouzian

May 29, 2018

On May 22, 2018, AGBU Lebanon, under the leadership of its president Mr. Gerard Tufenkjian, hosted a reception in honor of General Jean Talouzian, Lebanon’s newly elected member of the parliament.

General Jean Talouzian met with the benefactors, leadership and members of the AGBU and AGBU-AYA Committees. Present were HE Ambassador Samvel Mkrtchyan – Ambassador of Republic of Armenia to Lebanon, President Gerard Tufenkjian and members of the AGBU Lebanon District Committee, Chairman of AGBU-AYA Vicken Tchertchian and members of the AGBU-AYA Central Committee, as well as members of the AGBU and AYA community.

In the name of AGBU Lebanon, Arine Ghazarian, the programs coordinator of AGBU Lebanon, welcomed General Talouzian and the guests. After a brief introduction of AGBU, she presented General Talouzian.  “Born and raised in Ashrafieh and Beirut, from the seats of the military school and Saint Joseph University, to the military and leadership positions, to public service and his diligent follow-up on people’s daily life, General Talouzian deserved people’s trust, bringing hope to many citizens who look forward to a better Lebanon.”

On behalf of the AGBU Lebanon District Committee, Anita Lebiar, the Executive director of AGBU Lebanon, welcomed General Talouzian, the new AGBU-AYA member. She then highlighted on the importance of the night and thanked everyone who believed in the vision of the leadership spearheaded by our president Mr. Tufenkjian. “Once again, our leadership’s decision has proved wise with the help of our vibrant network of AGBU and AYA members”, added Lebiar.

The AGBU-Antranik Youth Association’s word was recited by its chairman Mr. Vicken Tchertchian. He then informed the members that the association promises to support the Honorable MP in the coming important phase to stand behind him in serving the interests of AGBU, the Armenians and the entire Lebanese nation.

General Talouzian, in his speech, shared with the audience the story of an Armenian young boy, who proved himself throughout the years, and excelled in the military ranks. He thanked the AGBU-Antranik leadership and volunteers for their great round-the-clock work for the elections at different levels. He also highlighted that members of the parliament have rights and responsibilities towards Lebanon. “I believe in the importance and the necessity of serving the Lebanese Armenian community which, of course, is a national duty”.

In the name of AGBU Lebanon, President Gerard Tufenkjian presented General Talouzian with a token of appreciation, followed by a cake cutting ceremony.



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