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Schools and Education

In 1945, AGBU Lebanon established its first Education Committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Puzant Yeghiaian. Since then, a number of schools have been established by AGBU to serve the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon.

AGBU Lebanon’s first private school was the Tarouhy Hagopian Secondary School for Girls, established in 1939. In 1960, the building was constructed with the financial support of benefactor Takvor Pasha Hagopian. In 1988, the girls’ school joined the Hovagimian Manougian Secondary School for Boys–which was established in 1947 with Mr. Sarkis Hovagimian and Mrs. Mehrubeh Manougian as benefactors–under its new name, the Tarouhy Hovagimian Secondary School, located in Horsh Tabet, Beirut.

The Levon G. Nazarian Elementary School was founded in 1962 under the patronage of the Nazarian family.

In 1974, with the support of Haji Kevork Garmirian, AGBU Lebanon founded the Boghos K. Garmirian Intermediate School.

The three schools provide a warm and friendly environment where a deep-seated dedication to academic excellence is combined with strong traditions of character-building, service and community.

For further information about the schools, please visit www.agbuschools.edu.lb

The current Education Committee is headed by Mrs. Sylva Libaridian, with the following committee members:

Arda Yanikian
Talar Partyian
Cynthia Mendilian
Mike Guiritlian
Vasken Ayvazian

AGBU Lebanon Tarouhy-Hovagimian School students visit Armenia in Summer 2014

AGBU Lebanon Tarouhy-Hovagimian School students visit Armenia in Summer 2014